Omokoroa Library of Things

Our mission:

Caring for our community and planet by encouraging people that borrowing is a more sustainable option than buying.

Our vision statement

We are a growing vibrant community hub that promotes sharing, learning, and sustainable living. By providing access to diverse household resources, ŌLoT empowers individuals to explore, create, and grow. ŌLoT fosters a welcoming environment, champions sustainability, and builds a resilient and inclusive community.

Our motives:

1. Borrowing - promote the joy of sharing rather than the burden of buying.

2. Sustainability - valuing our resources and longevity. Contribute to a circular economy.

3. Equity - access to diverse household resources. Create a fair, balanced exchange for all involved.

4. Creating a thriving community - by providing a welcoming, inclusive, vibrant environment to foster connection.

5. Wellbeing & quality of life - Encouraging individuals to explore, create, and grow. Learning and skill-sharing with the Omokoroa community to grow resilience.

Ōmokoroa Library of Things (ŌLoT) is where people can hire quality household items they need, rather than buying them outright. It promotes access over ownership and reduces waste by preventing unnecessary or poor-quality purchases. The concept has been gaining popularity around the world, and we believe it could benefit our community in Ōmokoroa. This is a UK model we are looking to emulate link here

Our aim is to promote sustainable practices, reduce waste and help to facilitate positive experiences in our community. We plan to operate the ŌLoT on a voluntary basis, all monies raised going back into running the service. ŌLoT will provide access to hiring items that community members, businesses and organisations may need but do not want to purchase. We look forward to meaningful interactions, with opportunities to share knowledge and experiences.

Established first by a group of 11 in March 2023. ŌLoT went on to be accepted in April 2023 as a Member Operating Group (MOG) of OEMI.

As of writing (July 2023) we are currently looking for community accessible space to run the library. Besides housing a select range to pilot the idea, we would like to have items on the premises (paper shredders, sewing machines, printers..) that can encourage interaction with the community on site. Is there something you would like to borrow? Complete our Thing request here.

If you would like to learn more or join our establishing team please contact Veronica and the team at